Over the years, I've tried many different styles, but everything felt too structured, planned, and unnatural. The perfection I strived to achieve in everything I created was exhausting and sometimes paralyzing. 
It wasn't until I decided to completely let go and welcome imperfections as a beautiful and necessary part of the process, that I began to find my way. I stopped over-planning every line, and began creating more intuitively. Loose brush strokes, dripping paint, movement, and imperfections worked together to create rich artwork, full of depth and character, that I was proud to call my own. Creating in this more natural way became a reminder to embrace the process (mistakes and all) in more areas of my daily life as well.

I create original art ranging from small 4 x 6 inch paper pieces to large 72 x 96 wall covering canvases. Small and medium sized works are currently available for purchase here on my website, but get in touch if you're interested in seeing more of what I have to offer.  



Originally from Thibodaux, Louisiana, Caroline began painting at a young age under the guidance of her Grandmother, Mary Boudreaux, who is best known for her oil paintings of southern landscapes. With this foundation, Caroline continued to pursue art, studying under different teachers and exploring new techniques which eventually lead to her career in digital art and graphic design. 

She is currently the Director of Marketing at Level Homes in Baton Rouge, and spends her off time creating art in the traditional mediums that started it all.